AliX and SOSHO to Sign Agreement for Protein Structure Determination of Intractable Targets

AliX, a NovAliX company with capabilities in structural biology and SOSHO, an Osaka university spin-off with expertise in crystallogenesis have announced today that they have entered into an exclusive agreement to supply biopharmaceuticals companies with protein structure determination solutions for difficult targets.
Within the frame of the collaboration, AliX will provide SOSHO with its protein engineering expertise and SOSHO will apply its breakthrough crystallization technology. SOSHO is using femto-second laser irradiation of protein solution to induce crystal nucleation and to promote crystal growth. Laser irradiation allows exploring novel crystallization conditions leading to higher quality crystals with better diffraction properties.
Joining forces, AliX and SOSHO will offer enhanced protein structure determination services to biopharmaceuticals companies. In addition, AliX and SOSHO have already started a research collaboration to determine crystal structures of intractable targets relevant to therapeutic research. According to Dr Jean-Paul Renaud, CSO of AliX, and Pr Tsuyoshi Inoue, CSO of SOSHO, combining the expertise of both companies will provide a unique opportunity to solve difficult problems, including membrane protein crystallization.

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2008-12-09 01:52:15 +0200